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Transferring ownership of email hosting (godaddy to godaddy)


I had a web designer create my website and setup my email server several years ago.  I have since switched the hosting of the website to Wix however the domain registrant and email server are still with GoDaddy.  These are under the account of the web designer and now I would like to transfer them to my GoDaddy account.  I found information on transferring ownership of the domain name registration however I would like to know how to transfer the ownership of the email server, if any settings would need to be changed, and also whether or not all existing emails will be transferred with the account or if they will have to be backed up and restored.  

Thank you

Community Manager

Hi @agarn3t. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! The way you would move email from one GoDaddy account to another would depend on whether or not you have your previous web designer's cooperation or not and what kind of email address you have. 


Workspace Email

If you have Workspace Email accounts that are set up on US or AP servers, it's possible to move between accounts. This usually requires the current account holder to delete the addresses, then request the addresses be associated with another GoDaddy account (through support). Once that happens, the new account owner can set up the addresses in their account and content should be restored automatically so long as it hasn't been more than 15 days since cancellation. This does not work with EU plans as backups cannot be kept in that region. 


Office 365 Email

While it is possible to manually migrate email addresses from one GoDaddy account to another, it's not usually very successful. Your best bet if you have one of these plans is to make a .PST backup copy of the address(es) and then delete the plan in the old account and set it up again in the new account. You can then use the .PST file to restore content. 


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