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Turn off the "keep me signed in" option?

I use two email accounts on the same domain. Once I've logged in with one of them--even though I have not checked the "keep me signed in" box--my system will not sign me out. Yes, I can use the log out button, but unless I do that, I'm kept logged in no matter what happens: whether I swtich tabs, close the tab that has the email account, or close the browser completely, I'm still signed in. The problem with this is that even while logged in to the first email account I am able to log in to the other account and browse emails without realizing that I'm still connected to the first.  It's only when I write an email in the second account and try to send it that I get a warning, and that warning also deletes the email I've just written.  It's not saved as a draft, but simply lost. This is a new problem for me.  Until about 2 months ago, I was able to jump back and forth between accounts without ever using the logout button.


I spoke with support and, of course, they said to clear my cache.  But this happens on different computers that I use, some of which are not mine to clear.


I understand that people don't want an auto logout that dumps them after a specific period of time. I also understand that if it's your own personal computer and you only have one email account, you might not want to enter a username and password every time you check your mail. But why is there no option to disable that feature if you don't want it?  And why will Go Daddy let me log into a second Go Daddy email account in the same browser on the same computer and not either automatically log me off from the first one or give me a warning that I'm about to create a conflict? Waiting until I've written an email before notifying me (and dumping said email at the same time) is NOT the way to do it.


Hi @teeroy18

Thanks for posting within our forums. The 'keep me signed' in option is to prevent you from having to enter your credentials every time you want to access your email. However, the way our webmail is setup, you are not notified when accessing another email account, you have to log out of one email account to access another. The features that you are wanting, I suggest taking a look at our Office 365 plans I'm not sure how you are able to access both email accounts at the same time. It definitely sounds like a cached browser issue. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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