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Two Email Accounts but only one opens

I have two email accounts on my GoDaddy domain.  One for me and one for orders.  Mine is randy@XXX and the other is order@XXX.  They each have a different password.


However, Office 365 opens the randy@XXX account 90% of the time, independent of the account and password I'm using to open the email account.  I have been making sure the randy@xxx account is closed when attempting to open order@XXX. 


Now, I'm working from one office computer.  There have been a few times the order@XXX account actually opened. 


I'm running Windows 10, on a PC. 


Any ideas? 

Helper V



If I understand you want to open both accounts at the same time...

Try logging into your E-Mail control panel with your master account, your main account...

The master account should have consolidated emails...


Hope this helps




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Thanks for the effort but I found a work-around. 

I didn't want to open both accounts at once.  However, after booting, what even account I opened would be the ONLY one I could open even if using the other account name and password.  This was the case using FireFox.  So now, I use FireFox to open one of the accounts and later if needed, I can open the other account using MS Edge. 

I think, FireFox is replacing my log in with the account information first used after boot. 


How to open other email