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Unable to sync Calendar to Android or MAC based apps



I am using Professional Email that includes a calendar.



1: Sync and display calendar on Android Device

2: Sync Calendar on Mac (Not using Apple calendar app)


I have multiple work-related email addresses and associated calendars that I am trying to get synced into a single application or my Android device and also on my MAC. The problem is purely on the Calendar synch side.



I followed the procedures that are documented in the help articles.  Default process for Android devices doesn't work.  I tried to use CalDav as per the IPhone procedure using numerous Caldav sync apps on Android.  Don't work. Have also tried a number of alternative Calendar apps with built in Caldav support.  These also don't work.

What is the steps and apps to use to get the Professional Email based Calendar to sync to Android, preferrable using the standard Calendar app.



Was able to add the calendar account using caldav to Fantastical 2.  But don't actually know if it worked as I am not happy to share credit card details to just be able to run a 14 day trial.

Was able to add a profile to Mac, but that doesn't help.

I do not want to use Apple Calendar.  Have tried other apps, including Outlook but neither of them worked.


Any suggestions on how to get the calendar to sync and actually work using Caldav or Webcal?  On Android and Mac Os X