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Unlimited Business Email Renewal

I completely understand that Godaddy has recently reviewed their email plan which will now cost about $9.99/month/mailbox. And during check out, I am given a total sum of $119.98 (that's, $9.99 * 12) for a year (please see screenshot below).

Under the old email structure, Unlimited Business Email plan allowed up to five (5) distinct and different mailboxes.

Now my question is:
1) Is the amount, $119.98, which I am shown during checkout for the entire 5 mailboxes?
2) If not, how can I add more mailbox during renewal to avoid any loss of existing email account?

Thanks for your prompt contributions.

Link to change in email policy:

Helper VI

@Dien as it says in the link you posted to the changes in workspace plans, you can see:



Workspace Unlimited email plan pricing is, as follows:

  • The first 5 mailboxes will cost USD $9.99 per month.
  • Additional mailboxes will each cost USD $1.99 per month.

Hope it helps!

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