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Unlimited Business Email doesn't appear to work for imap



We have an Unlimited Business Email account for our domain.... however I cannot connect to the IMAP server using the same password as I use for POP3.

Can somebody tell me how I confirm IMAP is working for my domain (at the moment my Unlimited Business Email page does not list an imap server but elsewhere is does say that Unlimited Business Email supports IMAP)


how if I need a different password to access the imap server.




HI @Friendly


Thank you for your post. The password would be the same regardless of if you are using IMAP or POP settings to connect to the server.  


A few things to try:

1. Go to and try the email address and password you have at the webmail sign in screen, this will help confirm that you have the correct password. If you are able to sign in to the webmail go to step 2


2.When in webmail look to the left and you should see a storage amount. It will either have a limit or will say "unlimited". Please see screenshot




If you see "Unlimited" the address is set for IMAP use.


3. Review the settings on the client, although changing to an Imap server name is needed. Email clients such as outlook require you to reset the account as an IMAP account, instead of only changing the server name. See screenshot




The setting from IMAP or POP can only be accessed when creating a new setup in outlook and does not exist on existing setups. 


4. If all has been confirmed as correctly setup, please give our support line a call and our agents will be happy to review and see if they can get this up and running with you.


Best Wishes!