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Updating email signature in Workspace email

When I try to access tools in Updated VIew in order to update my signature, I am repeatedly directed to download some new tools - and I do (about 8 times thus far).  I then logout, close my browser, and restart.  On the next attempt, I am once again directed to download some tools (wash, rinse, REPEAT).  So, I say to myself "try using tools in Classic VIew" and SHAZAM! I am able to update my signature...except when I go back to Updated VIew - it's not updated.  I'm stumped!


Re: Updating email signature in Workspace email

Hello marktheactor, 

   Sorry to hear about the issue when attempting to update the email signature through the updated view. I jumped in to my test account to see if I could duplicate the issue but was not prompted for download.  If this helps, please be sure that you are using the following path to update your email signature within the updated view.  


1. Within updated view click the settings wheel in the top right of the page 

2. Click  More settings

3. Click the General tab

Here you should be able to modify your email signature.


If following the path above does not resolve the issue please contact our 24/7 support line and our representitives will be happy to research this issue further.


Hope this helps!