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Using Webmail and also forwarding to Gmail

I would like to add email to my domain name. I registered the domain several years ago & have been forwarding email to Gmail ever since I registered. My daughter also has an email address with this domain, which forwards to Gmail. Now, I would like to discontinue using Gmail and begin receiving email sent to my address in this domain in Webmail. It looks straightforward to set-up. But before I do, I want to be certain that my daughter can continue to get her email forwarded to gmail while I get my email in GoDaddy Webmail client.

Community Manager

Hi @yogadad. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Glad you asked. It's possible to use our forwarding and email for a domain but it takes special action. Our free forwarding emails are associated with our Workspace Email platform. If you want to have a functioning email address and use the forwarding, you would need to purchase a Workspace Email plan and set up your email there. However, we no longer sell these plans on our website. In order to purchase one, you'll need to connect with our customer care team. Make sure to explain that you need to use the forwarding along with email so they understand why you need to purchase it. Hope that helps. 


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