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Using my 1 domain email address

Apparently my domain with GoDaddy comes with 1 email address?  I want to use it for a website I'm now hosting elsewhere.  I'm not sure how to set this up  anyone?


Helper V

Hello .... I don't think Godaddy is giving away free email with a domain. Check it it might be "Email Forwarding"

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They used to, apparently this seems to have changed. I have been a go daddy customer for years and when you would purchase a domain you would get one free email address. It seem that their policy has now changed and they stopped this. So I seems that they now want to nickle and dime you to death. 

Well...there probably paying for the "free health care".

I actually have the same question.  However; it appears that no one wanted to answer it.  You were all debating whether the email was free.  Who cares!!!! The question was whether the free email could now be used when the website is hosted elsewhere and how to do this.