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Web Form Emails stopped delivering

We suddenly stopped receiving emails from our Fast Secure Contact Forms from our wordpress site.  We got it working again but now wondering where did the submissions over the past 4 months go?   We averaged 20-25 per month.  Got zero the past few months, hard to believe nobody hit our site.  Any help appreciated.


Same problem 😞
Can't figure where is the problem.
The problem is for my wordpress forms & for my PHP forms of the same domain.


Our website was built on muse and was delivering e-mails from the form fine until now, I changed the delivery address to a gmail account and it delivered fine.


Anybody know what the issue is?


I have the same issue. Over 6 weeks my website forms stop sending to email. I have contacted Godaddy support they replaced my hosting and the issue is still there. I have checked all files in my website, I even used Google webmaster tool to scan the website and it reported no problem. I have concluded the problem is from Godaddy hosting server.

@akl @cerrone219 @cesaritom @VickyLima


Hi folks!


Thank you for posting! This type of issue is one that you'll want to reach out to our support team about. Unless you'd like to provide the specifics about your form. The scripting, type of hosting, etc.


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