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Webmail for GoDaddy Business Email

Hello, Does anyone know how to check emails for "Godaddy Professional Email" not office 365 or not free workspace emails. And check as I mean online.. not using any app on mobile or desktop I googled for "Webmail for Godaddy Professional Email" and found this I am able to login using my email credentials but all I see is configure steps for mobile and desktop. Isn't there a way to view email online directly. Please HELP...
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if you want to view emails you are going to have to use an email program to open them. Surely this is not too much effort?

This question made me cringe.....................!



Thanks @Retired


So you mean there is no way to see email on my browser (webmail), like Gmail or Office 365.

What should I do, when I am travelling and i am not near my device where I have configured my email.  Or I while travelling I do not have data on my mobile and want to use other computer to see my mail ?


Even FREE workspace mail has webmail option.

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you log in to your account when using another computer...............😾!!!



Currently when I Log in to my account using with my email credentials

I see just the configuration settings, not my Inbox. Check the screenshot


Is there any way, to view my mailbox, that is my question.

Hope you understood now.

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Oh yes, I understand perfectly................

ask someone else for help or contact support. 

Yes, anyone has any idea about it.

My domain is Medical Billing. and but I have configured mail with workspace but still stuck on the same page, no webmail checking...

Just stuck on same page as above screenshot