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Webmail no longer populating to: and not sending emails after first

For the past few days I've had issues where I click 'send' and it will just sit there. If I close the webmail tab and re-open I can go into drafts and re-send (or really send for the first time) the email. But the email will show that it's still 'sending' and not automatically close the email window. If I manually close it and go look in my sent folder it shows as being sent but it's still annoying and worrisome. 


At the same time the auto-populating in the to: & cc: boxes are no longer working.


Help please!!


Hi @RSinTO,


That certainly sounds strange.  First thing I would do is to check and see if there are any browser add-ons or pop-up blockers that could be interfering.  If you disable those and still see this issue, I'd recommend connecting with our customer care team so they can take a closer look.



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