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What happens with emails when transferring domain to another account

i am receiving a domain from another godaddy account that have email services to my new client .

What happens with emails when transferring domain .

does it auto transfer with the domain or it has an option like the domain to transfer.

this the first time doing this so i am a little bit confused because the client requested no downtime for the emails  .



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It is a bit difficult to give specific assistance without specific information @ahmed-future. If you are just moving a domain from account to another and none of the underlying pointers are changing then it should be smooth? If what email plan they are using changes, if what hosting they are using changes... Then some downtime should be expected.


Depending on what email plan they are on the emails may or may not move with the website. cPanel email as an example would not move without some backup and restore being done. If you are changing nameservers there could be up to 48 hours before changes propagate? It also depends on how your clients currently connect to their email.


Since you have a request for no downtime I'd say backup, backup, then backup all essential information. To have no downtime isn't really possible in my eyes. Usually I would start something like this in the early hours but you can't really ever know if some emails slip into the abyss if you are changing servers. Does that clarify anything?


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