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What's the difference between PayPal and PayPal Here?

I need to add a payment option to my business. What's the difference between these two?


Not sure what you mean. Could you clarify what two PayPal services you're referring to? That would help folks better explain the difference of the services you're interested in using.

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PayPal Here vs PayPal, Use this chart (below), provided by GoDaddy to see the differences/benefits.

In a nutshell, PayPal Here allows for Credit and Debit Card Transactions with no dollar limits at a fee of 2.7%.  PayPal Here also offers a free card reader.  This typically suites walk-in customers.

PayPal allows payments with PayPal credit and debit cards with a maximum of $10,000 at 2.9% + 0.30 cents.  This typically suites online payments from an invoice.

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