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Who benefits from Spoofing

I have been a GoDaddy customer since 2007.  For the most part, this has been a good working relationship, but some recent disturbing events are causing me to rethink using GoDaddy services.  A few weeks ago, I was “spoofed” by somebody who used my GoDaddy email address to send me a threatening email and demanded payment through bitcoin.  I contacted GoDaddy, and was talked into upgrading my account with my existing Office 365, of course at a cost.  The transition was a disaster.  You doubled everything in my Outlook, which ran my account over its limit.  I spent hours sorting and deleting emails on my computer, but was still unable to use my email account.  I contacted GoDaddy support twice.  The first time I was told to reinstall my Office 365, but was unable to do that because of an error message.  The second time, I was told those was the wrong instructions, and a very condescending technician informed me that since GoDaddy did not sell me my copy of Office 365, I had to consult with Microsoft as to why my GoDaddy account was not working.  Of course, the best solution according to the tech was to pay more money for more memory.


Tell me, who would be in the best position to spoof me with my own email address?  Who benefited from that spoof?  I think the answer to both of those is GoDaddy.  Did you spoof my account in order to get more money from me?

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While I understand your frustration, this is a ridiculous accusation leveled at GoDaddy. Do you really think, in today's age of technology, that GoDaddy could cover something like that up for very long and essentially steal customer money? Do you really think that's a good business model for a Fortune 500 company to follow. It's basically a conspiracy theory I've heard leveled at EVERY SINGLE HOSTING PROVIDER EVER. It's simply not true.


The people that benefit from spoofing are the ones who send out phishing emails and someone pays them the money. 

Also, it stands to reason if you purchased your O365 from GoDaddy, then they would help you out with support. It sounds like you purchased O365 directly from Microsoft. In that case, yes, you would contact Microsoft for support in all the things. Maybe I didn't understand that part or read it wrong?

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While I understand your desire to defend GoDaddy, the truth is that they are the only ones to profit from the spoofing that happened to me.  And although I purchased Office 365 directly from Microsoft, Outlook does not allow me to choose how long emails stay on the GoDaddy server.  The tech refused to assist me with that task because GoDaddy had not received a cut on my copy of Outlook.  The extremely poor tech service that I have received from GoDaddy does not make me think they are particularly interested in providing support for their customers, just raking in the money any way they can.  
Go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist.  You have no proof that I am wrong.  And your condescending attitude suggests that I might be on to something.  

Hi @NotHappy2,


We're sorry that you feel that way concerning GoDaddy. Unfortunately, while we provide 24/7 support service for our products, Outlook is not a GoDaddy product (regardless of where you purchased it). It is a third-party client for which we can provide only limited support and instruction outside of the Microsoft Support provided.


To learn more about spoofing, we thought you may be interested in this article. It also provides actions you can take in the DNS on the domain with us, to prevent this action by spammers (see "Set up an SPF record"). In order to send phishing emails (with the hopes of profiting through money/bitcoin from their targets), spammers need to use RELAYS to send their email. Relays can be limited in their own plans/servers, so they seek out others (such as yours) to use for these mass email campaigns. Your welcome to use the instructions provided to thwart their plans in your account. 



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