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Why are emails being sent from

I have some emails on a custom domain set up to send with Gmail's mail severs and I have added SPF and DMARC records to the DNS (had trouble adding DKIM records but that will be dealt with soon). Each week I get a DMARC report and it usually reports a few percent of emails do not pass the DMARC rules. However last week over 90% (over 10,000 emails) failed because they were being sent from which I have found is used by GoDaddy as email servers. So... what's going on? Is this some spoofer using GoDaddy's mail servers, can GoDaddy do something about this?


Any advice of suggestions as to how I can tackle this would be appreciated.





Resolver II

Hey Snow,


Sounds like the issue happened after you made changes.


Did you try reverting back to the settings you had before you made changes? Would let you know if your records you added are wrong.


It's not some spoofer using GoDaddy's mail servers. This only really happens if your outgoing mail isn't specifying sender e-mail so there being sent by the default mail server address which is


Did you allow time for propagation before sending mail out with your new settings?



Apologies for the delay in my reply, I thought I had replied to this already!

I haven't made any changes to the DNS recently, they've been set up for at least 6 months.


Any other suggestions? Is it possible for GoDaddy to find out which account has sent these emails and stop them, surely they wouldn't want this kind of activity on their servers?


Just to be clear, the domain in question has no association with GoDaddy at all, is it both registered and hosted elsewhere, so there is no reason for emails to be being sent from GoDaddy's servers.