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Why is Godaddy rejecting valid emails sent to my Godaddy email account?

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Hello @tchap,


With just the information you provided I will tell you that there are a multitude of reasons why the GoDaddy servers would block "valid emails". To get you a more specific answer there is a lot of extra information that would be needed. Are these valid emails ending up in SPAM? Are they not getting delivered at all? What email plan are you using? Have you marked these messages as "safe" through the email interface? Are the senders in your address book? Can you send emails to this valid email address? 

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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@rd, To answer your questions:


1. Not receiving emails at all.  Senders are receiving 'bounce back' messages.  These senders have been sending similar emails for years.

2. Not being delivered at all.

3. Type of Plan:  It is a paid plan.  With unlimited storage.  Could not identify any type of plan name from Workspace control center.

4. All senders are White listed.  I checked the status and they are listed as white.

5. Alls the senders are in my email address book.  plus I have been sending and receiving emails from this group for years...One of the emails was an email string that originated with my email account and they were responding.

6. The problem appears to be intermittent.  Haver received different emails from same senders.


Go Daddy customer support is no help.  



I'm having this exact same problem, just started last week.

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Wow @tchap that does sound peculiar, especially since you say some of these are email strings. Mostly I assume that there is some valid reason why something like this to happen? Perhaps someone from GoDaddy support will jump in with an explanation. It could be as simple as new rules or filters added to a email server. I have noticed a bit of an increase in this type of support query.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

This same exact issue happened with me back around the third week in August and with only one sender.  It was unfortunately someone I needed to communicate with often and have been for a long time without a problem.  They are even marked as a preferred sender.  GoDaddy support was not very helpful the first time called, but the second time requested the sender provide them with the original bounce back message so they could verify the error.  This proved to be quite a hassle for the sender, but eventually emails began to flow again.


Until today....all of a sudden the same bounce back began again. 

This is a widespread, ongoing issue with GoDaddy's Webmail email service.  They will be more than happy to sell you an upgraded, more expensive package, as I'm sure they've already done.  Even when you begin your Support call with "Please don't try to sell me any more junk" they will do just that. 


Check out some of the webmaster/hosting support forums elsewhere on the internet.  The problems with GoDaddy's less expensive email and hosting products are legion.