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Win 10 mail client problems

I've just set up the mail app and it went fine but I keep getting the message that my settings are out of date, I assume that this might be affecting sync. Also I would like to use this app permanently, I have been using web mail, and would therefore like to transfer all my existing messages in the web mail to it. Is this possible?
Resolver II


Here is how to fix 'Outdated Settings' error in Windows 10 Mail app...

Windows 10 mail app can be tricky! Here is an article with the answer on how to fix the 'Outdated settings' issue!

Transferring your emails to Windows 10 mail app...

 When you add your email, it should automatically sync your emails. Workspace Web mail does not give the capability to create a backup file of your emails. If you want a more reliable email , then I would go with an Office 365 email. That way you dont have to configure any ports, servers, and it will seamlessly sync across all your devices.Cat Happy