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Workspace Webmail - Email: return Code 451 Issue

Hi I've used GoDaddy Mail for years through the workspace webmail platform. Everything has worked fine until just recently I am getting this return code 451 issue pop up randomly to email addresses. It seems that I can send mail to these addresses but as soon as I attach something it bounces back a day later? I've emailed these addresses for years with no issues and I've tried attaching several different attachments with no success. This has only started happening last week and is very frustrating as you're not aware that the email hasn't gone through until the next day when you get the return email. If anyone has any idea why this is happening and how to resolve it that would be much appreciated.


Cheers Kane


Hey @kno_13,


Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community!


Typically, when I've seen the 451 error code, it could be a simple misspelling.  However, you may also be getting blocked at the recipient's email provider.  This article may help you narrow down the issue:


If you keep experiencing issues, connect directly with our support team, and provide them a copy of the bounceback you're seeing, and if possible, the original message.  This will help them investigate.


Hope that helps.


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