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Workspace Webmail doesn't work?

Hi Guys,


Trying to login using, it redirects to the webmail workspace site but whenever I try to login I get the error message: "Authentication failed. You entered an incorrect username or password." - I've double checked that the email and password are correct and I'm able to use thunderbird to send/receive emails without an issue, however, I would really like to have the webmail working. (It will work fine if I am to log into the webmail through the cpanel)


Former Employee

Hi @TheMightyPore,


I'm sorry you are having issues logging into your webmail. From the sound of it, you do not have workspace email, but are using c-panel email which is a different platform for email. You can use either one of these URLs to log in if you are using C-panel email.

http://your domain name/webmail

http://webmail.your domain name


If you are using workspace email I would suggest using this URL


Also, here is a link if you need any more information on cpanel email login.


Take care,


I am unable to see my mails in webmail. I can send the mail, but if someone sends me the mail, I can't see it in the Inbox. This is causing a lot of problem. Please suggest in this regard. additionally you have removed your online chat also, which was giving us quick solution.


Please resolve this issue at your earliest. I am looking forward hearing from you.