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Workspace and Offce 365 - can work side by side?

Apologies if this is a duplicate. I couldn't find my initial post after submitting it.


I have several mailboxes set up in my Workspace (annual subscription for IMAP use). Recently, I set up one of those emails with an office 365 subscription (through Microsoft directly). Last night, I began experiencing problems with the rest of the mailboxes I have in Workspace. Such as emails not being sent/received. Several third-party web apps using SMTP settings in Workspace also failed to work.


I assumed at this point that Microsoft had taken complete control over my domain's email DNS settings, forcing me to create shared emails, etc... from my office 365 account.


However, today I then find all my Workspace emails are working ok now!? Smiley Surprised


Ideally, I would like to completely transfer all my emails across to office 365 - but I can continue working like this in the meantime? One email account with office 365, the rest still in Workspace?