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Workspace e-mail.

When using Workspace e-mail in a browser, why when you hit reply does the cursor not move into the text body box.  You have to manually click in the body box to start typing your reply.  Every other e-mail provider puts the cursor in the reply box once you click reply.  There is no mouse movement needed.

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Hi @Cenzo,


I think that the Workspace e-mail is just-as-it-is kind of email client. It does what it's meant to do, but it's nothing fancy. It's not meant to be.

It's the equivalent of my mobile phone. My phone sends texts, it makes calls, and that's all I need from a mobile phone!

Moving the cursor isn't really a feature, its standard email client procedure.  It would take a website programmer exactly 1 minute to put the cursor in the text box after someone hits reply.  It's just lazy programming.

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Smiley Frustrated Ok....................................