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Workspace email sending problems

We use workspace email through godaddy.  Everyone here keeps getting the error was lost in the middle of the transaction. try again.  or not responding.  We get this several times a day.  I thought it might be our internet connection so I ran a constant ping to and logged the time and date.  Every time I personally have gotten the sending error over the last couple days, my ping is still replying.  So I am now assuming it's on godaddy side.  


We are using the following settings.

port 465


normal password auth


We are using office 2010, 2013, 2016, thunderbird.


Is anyone else having this issue?  It's been ongoing for over a month now.


I am unable to send e-mails they are coming back undeliverable. Anyone else having these problems?

Hello, I am not having that problem but I am having the problem that when I reply to a message, it will not thread the message, it won't leave the former message into my reply so the so other readers forwarded to, can see the chain. When you hit reply it's a blank empty box. Please let me know readers, if you have ran into this, in Classic View.


as far as not sending problems you are having, perhaps at the cpanel level it needs to be reset somehow.