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Workspace to Office 365

Agree that Workspace is a little awkward. But after a lengthy session with Support over confused settings for my several domain-based emails, it was suggested that I move everything to Office 365 and quit the Mozilla browser in favor of Explorer. I can see some value in Office 365 (some) but Firefox seems to be the most reliable and intuitive browser around, Chrome is unreliable, and Explorer is a virtual unknown to me. I assume that Office 365 includes a mail client but I don't have a clear understanding of why I'm being asked to switch to Explorer or if I even need to.

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You don't need to switch to Explorer to access any web based email client, including O365. If you're comfortable in Firefox or Chrome, then you should stick with them. 

O365 is a good email service and it is absolutely more modern than WorkSpace, but it all really depends on what works well for you and your business. I use both for different reasons and find both to work great for me.


But no, you don't need to change your web browser.

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