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cPanel email and Shopify

I have been using cPanel email on my site for a while now and linked my site to Shopify yesterday. Now my email will only send and not receive. Seems like Shopify is all about email forwarding, do I need to reconfigure things to get this working again?

Community Manager

Hi @selenakg. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


My guess would be that you've updated the nameservers for your domain and they are now pointing toward Shopify. This would mean that your domain's DNS records that handle email would have changed. I'm not sure if Shopify allows you to do this for domains that are not registered with them, but there are instructions here. Depending on the type of email address you have, you will need different MX records to make email work. If you can provide more information about your situation, another community member may be able to give you additional steps to move forward. 


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