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cPanel email not working (receiving)

I dunno what GoDaddy's issue is with keeping it working reliably. I've spent about 6 hours on chat with them trying to get my email working. It's been down close to 3 days now. I've heard 3 different things from 3 different people. Each conversation ends with "Give it 24-48 hours". F that! I'm trying to run a business I can't be waiting 1-2 days for your **bleep** to not work. Then they tell me to get their email service for $3.50 per user cause it's apparently better. Nope. I had this EXACT setup with a previous host for 8 years with 0 issues. </rant>


MX server is set to local and What else is there to check or set? 

Helper V

Are you looking online at your web interface? I am having problems with all my email being marked as spam so it is going to the Bulk folder.


I haven't gotten anything in that folder since early July...was hopeful, but sadly no luck 😞