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can't receive emails cpanel

Have a shared host account
 not receiving emails from  anyone .... gmail, yahoo, hotmail and any other  ....bounce back

cannot connect to the host is the message get back


"Technical details of permanent failure:
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect."


emails sent to and never arrive


have another account here, at godaddy, same kind of shared host, and works perfect.

I ve just ask to change the server because it should solve the problem , but apears to be the end of the world to do that. Or to change de Data center i have to pay of course


At the chat support lost more 10 hours for the last 4 days they just do the same tests trying to say that you have to pay for a other email type or a dedicated server ...

All the support agent makes the same questions don't look the history of the problem,  just as robots and some don't even know where to find the domains that you have !
Then they send a email from godaddy at the same network of your site and you receive and they say "its working " . Of course its working is at the network!! From outside no !

Then today after 4 days, the last support agent say that will open a ticket, one hour after that received a email from someone that i cannot reply because are from a no reply email, saying that is all good that made a change on remote to local at mx entry that was checked this week and is not as he is saying .
Even was that true i have more than one domain at this account, all domains emails have the same problem and the mx entry is separated for each domain.....


Well its unbelievable !!!!

You trying to get me tired and  pay  more but i will just left and want my money back if you don't solve that!


I've paid for a host account, where is included email accounts if not take that out of the selling page!
No, emails are not given free as you say, WHERE IS THAT AT THE SELLING PAGE and if is where is saying that it could not work ?!!


Hi @accolucci. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with your hosting plan.
If the change our support team made to your hosting plan fixed the issue for that domain, you can apply the same change to your other domains.
You will find this setting in the MX Entry setting, under the Email section. You'll see a drop down that you can use to manage the different domains on your hosting plan.
If you continue to have trouble, there could be an issue with something else. I apologize, but with the limited information in your post I couldn't say what that might be.
You may want to follow up with our support teams and provide a complete copy of an updated bounceback.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

All the domains i use are with local set at the mx entry

still dont receive emails

sent the bounce back 7 times to 7 different support agent at the chat.

Let me know which information you need more and i will post here

Hi @accolucci

In order to look further into this, we would need to validate into your account, which we don't have access to via these forums. I suggest reaching out to our support team with a bounce back and original message that you have sent/received in the last 24 hours so that they can review it again. We appreciate your cooperation. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

So I had this same problem, 5 different support people, 2 tickets and still my email doesn't work. I'm looking for another host now.

Some  here in 2018  , lost 6 mounts oh important emails thinking no one contacting me , really GOdaddy ?!  

Same boat bud. These guys suck. I'm going to switch to a more reliable host. I've been down 3 days.

Same with me. Down 4 days now.

Getting Started

I have exactly the same issue! why is the server rejecting the emails from outside! Not sure what to do.




I am having the same issue. Godaddy sucks. I set up my email account on cpanel and cant receive incoming mails. Thanks godaddy. Great work 

 i'm having the same issue with my email, i can't receive emails from gmail accounts, but i can send emails from my web-mail, i've had the same problem with an old domain and i talked to support and they fixed it right away but this time i talked to the chat support several times and they can't fix this for me, they tell me to contact web-hosting support but i can't reach them the chat of the web-hosting support department seems to be offline all the times, i don't know what to do, anyone have an idea what's causing this? i'm really disappointed this is the last time i will use godaddy 😕  

Go daddy suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been down 5 days , same replies , same questions, are these people even professionals ? 

Same problem.  Cannot remember when it actually worked....Can send and receive e-mail from the mailboxes that cannot receive e-mail, but cannot receive email from outside GoDaddy (e.g., gmail, Hotmail, etc).  I have checked and rechecked all the DNS settings...Nothing seems to work.  Every time I contact GoDaddy they try to get me off of cPanel e-mail and to something that cost extra.