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email forwarding is very slow

I have  been a customer for a very long time, and never really had any issues until the last couple years.  email forwarding is painfully slow, and  it's causing  issues with my business.    i prefer  to use gmail to manage my email, so i have email forwarding set up to forward any email sent to  my godaddy domain  to my  gmail.   It regularly takes hours for emails  to go through.  I have searched the community and have found  a large number of people having the same issue,  but every thread is locked  and  marked "solved" with  no actual solution.  wtf is going on ?


big shocker,  no one has replied.  Godaddy is a joke.

I just logged into webmail an d there's an email from a client sitting in my inbox, from over 2 hours ago, it has not forwarded to my gmail  yet.  WHY?  

I have the same problem.  I'm pretty sure the reason is a simple one.

It's because we're on GoDaddy.