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email forwarding: did not encrypt this message



have email forwarding setup on a godaddy domain (just email forwarding, no need of a godaddy inbox).


When emails are forwarded to a gmail account, for each email gmail shows this warning:

" did not encrypt this message"


It looks like, regardless of any encryption of the original email, godaddy forwards all emails in clear without encryption.


Any reason for this behavior?

Any hope that godaddy decides to encrypt forwarded email thus avoiding to break the security chain in the last leg of email delivery towards the final destination?




I noticed the same. I will contact support and let you know what they say.

Any known answer yet?

@Shipwright This is where I have reached with this. Support chat passed on to technical and says they don't see an issue. I am going to do some more research before I go back to them but in the meanwhile I am looking at 3rd party email forwarders. There are paid ones like and then this free one

This is happening to my current emails, anyone find a solution or should i phone up support?

I ended up using Mailgun for mail forwarding. Pretty easy to set up the DNS settings.