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email not working

I get constantly possible mailbox corruption. When I call godaddy I hit a queue - this time it stated "your expected wait time is 31 minutes"


This company needs a ticket system. They expect me to just wait on the phone for 31 minutes and then spend more time explaining the whole problem. 



Hello @trevoo and thank you for being a part of the Community!


I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. GoDaddy Guides are working hard from home during this unprecedented time and you may experience longer hold times than normal.


If you are still experiencing this issue, I want to help as best as I can. What is your domain name? My first steo would be to check if your DNS for your domain and make sure it is configured correctly for your website hosted with cPanel.  Have you considered migrating your email over to an email service that uses an email server rather than sharing the same server as your website? 

GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

I switched to a new provider now.