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email storage for Deluxe Hosting

I have Linux Deluxe hosting which is supposed to come with 500MB email storage. For some reason I only have 100MB? There are no available plans to switch to. How do i "upgrade" the current 100MB storage plan that comes with the hosting plan? Thank you

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Hi @chiga420,

is the 500mb email storage if you activate Office 365 ? 

Hi, I don't have 365 active, I don't see it under hosting options? Im not sure this hosting plan has 365?
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im asking if the 500mb email allowance is if you choose the 365 option. 

And yes, it is an option. There is a month free trial on this. 

The deluxe package includes the 500mb email storage. I only have 100mb, why would I need to pay an additional cost if the plan is supposed to come with 500mb?

Sam, thanks, but I am already distributing my email accounts with the 100mb I have. It should be 500mb.
Helper V

If you have multiple email accounts then the total amount of space is allocated among the email accounts. There is a way to re-allocate space but I forget where that is.