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emails not reaching recipients due to blacklisted IP



IP address of my domain has got listed on SORBS DUHL. So my clients are not receiving my emails. We are a small company with limited email traffic. I dont know why GOdaddy assigns ip from previous black history. If anyone of you can help me how to get the IPs delisted or resume email communication, would be highly appreciated.

Helper VI

@metro-gijutsu I guess you're using a shared hosting plan and from there you use webmail?

Sadly, many shared hosting IPs (not just GD, but for most hosts) get blacklisted because usually the service is cheap and are easy spots for spam senders to have a way to go.


Regarding the email delivery, you can use a third party SMTP relay. There are one's that are free up to a certain amount of emails per month, one of them is MailRelay, another Easy-SMTP, another TurboSMTP, and another one is Mailjet.


Hope it helps!

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