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failure notice(

Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered.
This is a permanent error. Please verify the address(es) and try again.

<>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 450 4.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable or not local
Giving up on


I get automatically mail failure email while i did not send previous mail to, while no such email exist in our organization,nor i send earlier email to mention address, then why i receiving mail failure notice.

Kindly fix this issue or tell me how to fix that,quickly resolve this issue.


Re: failure notice(

i have the same problem. how can I have it solved.


Re: failure notice(

looks like SMTP is acting up again.


I can receive messages but unable to send out. IF sending out the mail - they do not return any errors but will never reach it recipients.


However the strange thing is if i send mails to one on my same domain. no problems.




Re: failure notice(

Hello @SN!


Thank you for posting! If you're getting bounceback messages for emails you have not sent, it indicates that someone may have spoofed your email address to send spam messages. This is referred to as "Joe-Job." Most folks aren't aware it's happening as it's usually done using false email addresses on the domain. You must have a catch all setup on your email address. You can try and deter people from using your domain this way by creating an SPF record. Here is our article on this.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: failure notice(

Heather, I am getting the same kickback but those email are actually getting through. Do you think that this will be corrected soon. 

Re: failure notice(

I am getting this same message but I know the email address I am sending from and to are both valid because they are both registered through go daddy.