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godaddy blocks access to Webmail by third party automated testing software



Our company website uses an email account with They provide us with a Single sign-on (SSO) email account with a special username/password. We can login to their system in order to test our product's functionality of sending out emails to customers/clients.


We use a third party software called "Katalon Studio" in which we write test scripts designed for automated web testing of our software. We were always able to login to the godaddy email both manually and through Katalon's automated scripts. However, recently godaddy has started blocking 3rd party software like Katalon from accessing their website, though manual access still works. This breaks our testing.


I spoke to our System Administrator and he said to ask if Katalon permits reading SMTP or IMAP via katalon. Is this a possible solution for godaddy if Katalon were configured? Or can we somehow upgrade our godaddy account so that it does not block certain Katalon software? We use the following godaddy URL to access our email: