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location ip's for mx record setup



i am managing my domain from another third party service and took hosting from godaddy.

i want to ask my domain managing party to send all my emails to godaddy servers so that they can handle the emails. it seems for that they need an ip to set mx records appropriately.


i was wondering, where can i get this information?


i couldn't locate godaddy's email support and the chat support is either busy or unavailable.


help? anyone.

thank you.


Re: location ip's for mx record setup

Hi @faru


Thank you for your post. We have different email services that we offer so the MX records would be dependent on the type of email service you are using. If you would like to post what email service you are using from GoDaddy I would be happy to help you find the appropriate records. 


Best Wishes!



k.Re: location ip's for mx record setup

Thank you.


Actually I am not using a dedicated email service. I bought linux hosting and the cpanel enables me to create emails, etc. and that is where i am trying to manage the emails.

I have created the emails and can send from them but facing difficulty when receiving since domain is registered somewhere else and that registrar needs to update mx records accordingly.


If i didn't answer your question correctly, please let me know where i can get the information you need.


Thanks again.




Re: k.Re: location ip's for mx record setup

Hi @faru


Thank you for the response and sorry for the delay, just got back from the weekend.  For cPanel DNS to get the email working properly I know that the following DNS records would be needed.


A Record:

Host = mail

Points to = I.P. address of cPanel 


MX record:

Host = @

Points to = mail.your_domain_name_here.tld

(for example if domain was points to would show as "")


cPanel is the only platform that I am familiar with that would require the I.P. of the hosting to route the emails properly. If the above does not resolve the issue please contact our inbound support line at a time of your convenience so that our hosting agents may review the setup and concerns. 


Best Wishes!



Re: k.Re: location ip's for mx record setup

this worked! thianks.