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locked out of email

we are having to reset our passwords multiple times per day.  Every time the account logs out and we try to log back in, the account says that it is locked and we have to reset the password. i have checked and there are no saved passwords for these accounts on any devices.  Also, have run multiple malware checks finding nothing.  this issue is only happening on 2 of our 6 accounts. getting really tired of changing passwords 4 times a day and GoDaddy says that it is our issue. Please help!!

Community Manager

Hi @joebyou. Sorry to hear you're having trouble.  If you've already double checked your browser for saved passwords, I'm not sure what else would be causing this. Our support would be able to verify whether there is an issue on our end, so if that has been ruled out, there must be something else causing the issue. Hopefully, you'll get some additional suggestions from other community members. 


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