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merge in-coming emails to 1 account

I have a godaddy .com domain(e.g with email set-up(e.g I have recently purchaced another godaddy domian(e.g my queation is how do I setup my current email( to also receive emails sent to my new email (

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Hi @Topman. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you don't need to send emails from your new domain, you could just set up forwarding addresses. That would forward emails sent to one address on to another one you specify. You can find out more about setting up a forwarding address here. Hope that helps. 


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Hi Topman


I would like to suggest something different than mail forwarding...


Did you know that if you have a Gmail account you can merge up to 5 POP3 email addresses with your Gmail account?


This will allow you to send and receive these personalised mailboxes' mails through one account even though they will still be using their own mail servers... meaning you will use the Gmail account as an email client, like Outlook.


You get 7.5GB of space on your Gmail account and you can set any one of the POP 3 accounts as the Default.


To do this go to: Settings (top right) inside your Gmail account.. then click on Accounts and setup and scroll down to where it says "add a pop3 account"


Go through the motions, verify the account and you will never have any further issues.


You will then only need to set up the Gmail app on your phone and all will be synced.


Hope this helps.







how are you? i can write and read english well, but i cannot talk , so i cannot call technical support. i need to merge 2 accounts into 1, how can i find the e-mail technical support?