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outlook email formatting

I have a hosted Wordpress domain, and added on premium mail services (office 365) but I am encountering an issue with email formatting. We receive online applications, and we have a third-party tool to handle these applications (we are a puppy adoption, so the tool is linked to the back end of available puppies). The online adoption form sends an email to the Director of the rescue with the details of the application (so that she can review in her email). Trouble is, the formatting of the message isn't coming through, instead, it is coming through as one long run-on paragraph. I've tested sending the app to other email addresses, and it works fine (non Outlook).


In searching, it appears that multipart messages have been an issue for Outlook for a while, and I just can't get it fixed.


Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve it? If I can't fix it, then I think I'm going to have to move to regular workspace email, which I'm fine with. But, I wanted to ensure I wasn't missing any possible solutions with the existing plan. Thanks in advance!

Getting Started

PMJI: Might be worth a try: in Outlook, under options/mail/Message Format you might try un-checking "remove extra line breaks... ".

If the messages are created with text/html you might have to use <br /> for line breaks in the source.


just a SWAG 🙂

I did try the remove extra line breaks, which didn't work unfortunately. As far as the message, unfortunately that is something that can't be modified. It's system generated by the program, so there is no way to format the message. From what I've been reading/researching, this is a common OWA issue.


Thanks for the suggestions, though!