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I know other people have been able to get this resolved through private responses on this board, so I'm hoping for the same luck.  I originally had my O365 business account set up through GoDaddy, but now am trying to move to Microsoft.  I set up the account on Microsoft, cancelled everything on GoDaddy two days ago, but still get the message in the subject when I try to add my domain.   Besides talking to both Microsoft and GoDaddy support and getting fingers pointed at each other, here is what I've done so far:

  • Deleted the account and cancelled the service through GoDaddy. 
  • Called Microsoft Support - They said that there is nothing they can do and GoDaddy needs to release it.  BTW, when I mentioned I'm trying to not miss emails, the response of "at least it's a Sunday" was not helpful.
  • Called GoDaddy Support - They said they've removed it from their system and Microsoft needs to update on their side.
  • Removed all DNS records (MX, A, TXT) related to the Office365 service, with the exception of the TXT record for MS=msxxxxxx that I keep updating when I test if this works yet.
  • I attempted to reset the *** Email address is removed for privacy *** password so I can get in, even though I think GoDaddy configured that automatically.  It had my alternate email and office phone number, and would send me the email confirmation, but the phone call always just stated "We cannot confirm your account at this time".  Actually, I only got the full sentence once; it was often the end of the sentence, or nothing at all.
  • In the meantime, I've migrated my email to Google on their 30 day trial.  When you can only get one service to work, you use that service instead of losing emails. 


USHAFASTENERS.COM was already added to a different Office 365 tenant which is managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this tenant you will need to contact GoDaddy support and have this domain removed from Once done you can come back and resume this step.