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"Property validation" error when saving or blocking senders in Outlook

There's no way to whitelist or blacklist users in my Office 360 Outlook program.  I can add the sender to the Block or Allow list, but when I hit "save" I get "Property validation failed."  Have tried this in 3 browsers including one with all add ons disabled so I know the problem isn't on my end. 

Having had multiple bad experiences with GoDaddy's 800 number I really hate to call them - I doubt they'll even know what I'm talking about much less be able to fix it - but it'd be nice to not have email I want to read going into the junk folder with no way to do anything about it, especially since this is a business account I share with other managers at my place of business.

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Hello @FHB2019 and thank you for sharing with the GoDaddy community. 


They best way to whitelist/blacklist is on the server-side (OWA) and not client-side. At least my recommendation. 


I just went into my GoDaddy 365 (OWA) and did not have a issue with adding a to the list. 


Its strange that you can add it, but not save. 

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