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"autodiscovery must be provided a valid email address"



Some time since 26/07/19 and today (10/07/19) autodiscovery has stopped working for my domain.


On the 26th I was able to use autodiscover when setting up email addresses in Outlook 2016 but today it wants me to input the details manually. If I navigate to I get the message "autodiscovery must be provided a valid email address" so I wonder if this will help us resolve the issue.


I use cPanel email. When I try to get the manual set up details for the accounts in cPanel, it says the incoming and outgoing servers are, but in the past it used to say n1plc.. etc.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: "autodiscovery must be provided a valid email address"



Can you provide your actual domain so we can take a look at the DNS settings


The n1plc is more than likely the actual server name but if you have an SSL certificate install that "should work" as well - also the autodiscover error message is correct when you navigate to it via the browser as it's not passing the variables that Outlook passes


Here is a little test to see what error message maybe generated

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