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script error opening some forwarded emails

Some of the people in my org have been having problems opening emails that were forwarded to them by other employees (also using godaddy webmail). The content of these forwarded emails is from customers and also contains embedded pictures. The error is a script error and it freezes up and you have to cancel out so you can never actually see the email. But, if you forward the email that causes the error, it will open up fine in the send window and then you can read it. But the receiver of that forwarded email still cannot open it in the email web browser (happens in all browsers - firefox, chrome, etc...). Anyone seen this before?


Hi @jhenry!


Welcome to the community! I've moved your message to the appropriate board for posting about email issues. Keep in mind when you post that there are boards for each type of issue and posting in the correct one will get your post more attention.


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Perhaps you could put a link to the new location in this thread, I think this is the answer I need. I have searched the title and am not finding the new thread.