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Go to solution not sending mail from Eudora

My authentication worked.


SSL too.


Email client switches back from "sending" mode to "sendable". No error message. 


I've been through lots of forum threads, does this server work at all? 


Waited 1/2 hour on hold for tech support, then I was auto disconnected. I guess they have a 1/2 hour timeout! Are "chat personnel" ever online?

Thanks for any help.


Re: not sending mail from Eudora



Finally got through to tech support on chat and after an hour they found and fixed THEIR problem!!!!!!! now WORKS with Eudora! (7.1.09)


Tick boxes required:

Authentication allowed

Secure Sockets when sending: (Required, Alternate Port) 


Be sure you know how to use Eudora's Certificate Information Manager to add GD's cert to your trusted list.

Re: not sending mail from Eudora

What is the incoming and out going information to set up
My info@ information to set up the email on my iPhone

Please email instruction