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spoofing/spam email from my account

I keep having hi relays and have talked to GoDaddy a few times about this. An SPF has been added and I have changed my password more than a couple times. I have a malware and a virus scanner on my computer and nothing is popping up but I keep getting (someone's name) at my domain consistently and maxing out my relay amount every day.  They have put and SPF on it and given me several reasons this could be happening and said ok what we have done should fix it but it isn't.  I am at my wit's end. I again changed my password again today and this is the only one of my e-mails across 3 domains and of 3 e-mails on that domain itself that is getting spoofed. I don't know what to do any ideas? I can't change the e-mail as was also suggested by go-daddy as this is a work email of sorts.

Helper VI

Hello @ksilverbow


You say this:

...I have a malware and a virus scanner on my computer...

Do you access that address from other device (pc, tablet, mobile) that may be infected?

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Hi @ksilverbow. 
Do you have the catch-all feature enabled on that specific email address? If so, you may want to disable this feature for 3­-5  working days. This will prevent you from receiving these returned email messages.

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I have been having the same problem.  In addition, when I compose an email, someone else's name automatically populates the "from" line and I need to select myself.  How can I stop this from happening?

I too have  the same problem! I have created an SPF record, changed my password several times, installed anti malware and virus scanning on my mac book pro and still the emails originating from my address with someone else's name on it keep pouring out of my laptop. I have a feeling they are really draining my system resources and forcing my laptop to run slowly now. Additionally my customers are getting pissed. 


Come on Godaddy. What is going on? Do you have a systems wide problem? 

Same thing has been happening to my email. I found a large number of contacts had been added to my contact list without my knowledge.

It appears many came from error messages from MailerDeamon servers.

I spent a lot of time deleting these contacts.

No solution?


 In addition, a name is added to my identity list while keeping the email address.