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switched host emails not transferred

Hey guys,


Our company was with go daddy for email and webpage, and we got  a developer to build a website for company. 


He used bluehost and changed our domain over......and in turn our emails have gone there too however  all the folders i had set up and old emails (in macmail) have not switched over. 


i have tried rebuild and synchronise and i'm using imap and not pop so apparently the emails at least should move across.


any help would be great



Re: switched host emails not transferred

Hi @gavinm

Welcome to our community forums. When you switch providers, your email content does not automatically migrate. You will need to export and import your mailbox. Check out these instructions

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: switched host emails not transferred



Thanks for your info,,...... does that mean that I would need to have exported my mailbox at some stage in order to get my emails back? As I never have done that.


However I still have access to my email account on safari, with all my old emails.....

Can I export from safari and then import to MacMail