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syncing iPhone and web-based GoDaddy accounts

I am trying to set up the following. I do not use outlook, I use safari to access my emails on godaddy on my Macbook. Now, I also get my emails on my iPhone. But when I delete emails on my phone, they do not delete from my account and thus show up on my desktop. Thus I have to delete an email twice, once on my phone and once on Safari. How do I set it up so that deletion on my iPHONE also deletes it completely and only once is needed.


I tried to figure this out by searching community and I was confused.  I am NOT IT literate at all, in fact I am something of a Luddite, so please speak slowly and use conversational English.  I saw something about using IMAP and I have no frickin' clue what that means so if that is the answer to my problems, please be kind and explain it completely and do not assume that I understand anything about IT (and I will assume that my next patient understands nothing about medicine when I talk to them)