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wpform goes to other accounts, but not office 365 hosted by microsoft

We've tested the forms going through gmail, cox, domains that use Google as mail server. They work. The WP site uses WP forms and is hosted by Godaddy. I use Office 365 hosted by Microsoft. I have the spf record in place: txt @  v=spf1 -all MS=ms86455974

When we switch the forms to go to my business email, they never arrive. I also don't get the email confirmations to change the admin email in the site. Nothing is coming from the site. What step am I missing?


Hi @dreso

Welcome to our forums. I'm not sure what can be causing this issue without additional info. What is the hosted domain name? Just to clarify, your hosting is with us but not the email account? 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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