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    How to improve my ranking in Google search?


    I have had my website up for over several years and I can't figure out how to get it to pull up my site using key words :flooring recently.  The only way I can get it to show up is if I type in my company name. 



    Could you help me fix the problem? Do I need to update regularly?.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hi @venusflooring,


    Welcome to the Community!

    It's a great question... but one that involves work in improving your search engine rankings. We have a number of articles in our Help files that will help you understand SEO and the actions you can take. Here's one in particular that can get you started. I' sure out community members will have suggestions as well. You might also want to look in our Marketing forum for ideas and solutions. 







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    iRe: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hello @venusflooring 


    Your website is having on-page SEO issues, consider updating your website with original & relevant content to your niche.


    Warp your main keyword in <H1> </H1> tags with supporting keywords in <H2> </H2> tags


    Add the content of minimum 300 words above the fold with the main keywords you wish to rank on google for.


    you should also consider these top 3 SEO factors important by martin Splitt to rank higher on Google SERP.



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    Re: iRe: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    Hi @AvinashJ & @venusflooring,

    Hi @jayeshtech & @maestrosoft,

    Want to let you know that we're having a Community Virtual Meetup next week Wednesday, November 13th from 10-11am PST with the topic of "SEO 101". Please join if you can. You can register ahead of time here https://www.crowdcast.io/e/godaddy-community-2. Take care!


    Re: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    @venusflooringThe reason your products are not being found are the same reason mine are not. GoDaddy does not have it set up so our products are listed in the sitemap. The only thing being listed are the main pages in your navigation. NO PRODUCTS! This has been going on since the beginning and they have not fixed it. There are several threads about it. Here is one (which also links to an older thread that has more info).


    Another recent on is here:


    Until they fix this, there will be none or very little organic traffic.

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    Re: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    @Hopeful @venusflooring @AvinashJ 


    While sitemaps are not required to get your site indexed, they do help with the process.  But not having a sitemap doesn't mean your site is invisible.


    So this got me thinking, what would I do to compensate for a situation like this?  Off the top of my head:


    => I would manually create an HTML "Site Map" page and link to it in your footer.  This will be something site visitors can use and make your site more user-friendly too.  More on that here.


    => I would look at the pages that are in the sitemap and then find a natural way to link to my products from them.  Those links would be followed.


    => I would create blog posts about my products, or group of products (in an interesting and useful manner), that also link to my products.  For example:  Tips on How to Use..., Gifts for..., Most Popular...., What Our Customers Say About...    Again, those links to your product pages will be followed.


    HTH! 😉



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    Re: How to improve my ranking in Google search?

    @Muse @venusflooring @RachelM @AvinashJ Judith - Thank you for your ideas. I realize that a sitemap doesn't mean your website is invisible. But it does mean that your products are, essentially. You can type in search engines VERY unique products names and nothing comes up. So our sitemaps are not being indexed. Since 79% of purchases are based on finding a product via search, this is a HUGE hit.


    I like your idea of creating your own sitemap. This would work well for people with a few products. In my case, I will have over 2,000 products so that would be a large task. Then there's the question of what that would do to the indexing, because our "store" already has a sitemap built in, insufficient as it is. Would it then override that, or would the built-in one still take precedence? Don't know. I wish someone at GD could answer that definitively.


    Your suggestion about making links from other places, including the blog, is a definite must do. I'm sure most people are doing that, as am I, and I suspect that is how I'm getting what few organic hits I've had. But that will only go so far.


    I am speaking with someone at GoDaddy now to get to the bottom of this. I hope it yields some real-world results...