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    PayPal Credit

    Why has GoDaddy not updated it's use of PayPal for it's customers?


     You, GoDaddy, are loosing money when some is in the middle of a purchase, realizing the price, and wanting to use a 6 month deferred payment plan that PayPal offers, and can't. Your PayPal link to the customers account doesn't show all the options afforded modern day PayPal users / customers.


     The GoDaddy Website is the first website EVER that I have seen that doesn't have a full list of customer PayPal payment options.


     OK, GoDaddy, can this be fixed? I'm told by PayPal, yes I made the call and asked, that it's the way GoDaddy interfaces with PayPal. So, it's not PayPal's fault.

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    Helper III

    Re: PayPal Credit

    Paypal, nor GoDaddy is the bad guy here.


    6 months out for payments is a FINANCING situation and not an immediate purchasing method. Offering extended payment terms requires a customer to have a line of credit with PayPal in order to receive terms of credit for financing.


    This option costs somebody money in lending fees. That falls on you! The seller! not GoDaddy, not the customer, not Paypal. The seller always absorbs  the fees for financing options. Therefore any consumer must have an active "line of credit" already established with Paypal, not Visa/MC etc.,in order for Paypal to approve or provide a financed purchase thru YOU the seller. You need to set this option up within your selling site. Talk to YOUR account manager at Paypal (You should have one, not just a body  that answers the phone.)


    I know this as I use payment financing terms, thru Paypal, with my customers for many years. the Paypal system works.


    GoDaddy is a website service not the financing/money entity for a business.


    Best of luck to you. Hope you get this worked out soon.


    Talk with me. Nothing is more helpful than an optimistic, truthful, and unbiased opinion. (Kudos are welcomed. Thank you!)