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    how to rank a website to the top

    Register a new domain based on  your niche,make  a wordpress blog based on domain keyword,then resource  articles from a cheap source,make sure they are good enough to be posted. 

    Once the website in build with all the social channels and ready to go,go to google,search for  your domain keyword,then you will see advertisers paying top dollar ,on the top,and on the right,click it,make a post with your domain keyword....and done..  and keep doing it ,so...  

    Put some google ads on your site,and its ready to rock and roll....good luck


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    Helper IV Helper IV
    Helper IV

    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    @leadnetwork - this might have worked three years ago, but it doesn't work this way anymore. Ranking on Google takes more than buying (or 'resourcing') and posting duplicate articles based on keywords. You're better off posting something of value that appeals to people in the niche than taking your suggested approach.



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    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    true,very true,things have chnaged a lot...

    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    Google keeps its ranking method secret.  You said nothing about backlinks.  However, I should tell you that Google stopped using backlinks 5 years ago.  Have you wondered why the big social webpages are always at the top of the search page when you search for most "material" things.  Money! Money! Money!.  Why do you thinks the EU has Google in court over its behavior?  Paid for webpages DO appears at the top of general searches.  The EU knows it. 


    I have an old site that is at the top of the search for specific words related to the webpage.  I have no idea how I did it but I do leave the page untouched apart from including text on gifs with links to all of my other websites.  If you have a page that works never update it - until Google changes its search method.


    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    Anyone want to use business demographics? Is not business demographics first, then content, then P2P? I find forward links are just as good as back links, are they not? There are too many irrelevant results for query because of the abuses of manipulating ranking by the 'catchall' method. Why would someone want to turn up in the face of an uninterested audience? This will hurt your rankings in the long run. I see an importance in keeping qualified, legitimate relevancy of your site to the subject and maintaining a content integrity. Keep your content accurate, your network relevant by forward linking to legitimate sites that do not have a (key here) Private vested interest in over-analyzing SEO 'Broad Spectrum' Audience compilations. This can be done by only publishing content that is specific to your audience, subject, and peer sites. Those to me are core to ranking. I doubt the conspiracy theory regarding 'Secret' ranking methodology by Google. It's about being relevant. Additionally, a ranking, by definition, cannot include 'paid' advertisement, because 'It' is not a qualified ranking, but a preferential based upon values.  MKM

    Re: how to rank a website to the top

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    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    Yes  I am moving like crocodile - slow and teddy but everything needs time ...wait for the time never loose hope and yes backlinks..social media and all of that a good content plays an important role ..if any user didn't search your content how will you drive traffic to your blog or website ? so it's an important factor ofcourse and regularly posting means if you are posting by day a week then you must follow the regularity that is also a key factor of google analytics bot ... See my website Redmovies.me which is increasing slowly but yes its working

    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    title, description, content should have same key words, contents should be in simple sentences with active voices.


    for instance see our website : www.poshesolutions.com

    First time website: How to get SOE and ad words in top search

    Hi all,


    Thanks for all the input so far in the how to forums. I am still having some trouble getting search results to my page.


    I have a feeling this could simply be needing to up my bid?


    What about other websites like reddit or craiglist? Is there a way to get high on these search pages that may be more specific to the cannabis industry?




    I am looking to target future cannabis owners: growers or retail shop owners that need help with state licensing and a guide through the process.





    Helper IV
    Helper IV

    Re: First time website: How to get SOE and ad words in top search

    Here is an article that details several of the ranking factors involved in SEO. It's a journey and if you look at this list, you might see some components that are missing from your strategy.




    Hope that helps.


    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    There are many ways through which you can promote your site, but before you even think that far, it is absolutely must that you have strong content. It will be useless to put time into things when the content itself is not good. 

    Once you have strong content and base then you can go all out in promoting. For that, I suggest you to use social sites, as that’s the best way as of now!


    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    focus on ranking videos, get a good press release done twice a year and out to the right outlets, push everything to your Facebook, youtube, and Google my business. Have all of those set up perfectly and pump a lot of videos, posts, how-to's, advice, etc. Belong to groups and work within them. Always always always have links and keywords in all posts. Get a plugin where you social media posts on your blog. 'easier to rank that way and by natural course of events your website will rank too. The main thing you want is leads or sales? So focus your posts on that. What drives your customer to buy? Even if you are offering advice and guidance, focus on the "trigger" words or " buyer keywords" that make them buy. Think of it like this, if you were a roofer, would you want to rank for "City XXX Roofer" or for "Emergency Roofer XXX City"? The later is the buyer keyword. So I would rather have that with 100 people checking that out than 1000 of the first one. Look for the most bang for your buck

    Jon Floyd

    Re: how to rank a website to the top

    Google judges your links based on three factors:

    1. The number of links your page has
    2. The authority of the pages linking to it
    3. The diversity of your backlinks
    4.   See Example : Result Update